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Skin Nutrition

About Skincerity

• One product. One solution.
• Deep cleans on contact and flash-dries in seconds.
• Delivers a continual source of antioxidants to combat sun damage.
• Smart-science clinging action helps shed dull skin cells.
• Rehydrates your skin naturally.
• Nourishes damaged, parched skin.
• Diminishes the appearance of facial redness, does not clog pores.
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.
• Can be used on face, hands, neck, and chest to help prevent the signs of premature aging.
• Safe to use on all skin tones and skin types.
• Clinically tested. Dermatologist recommended.
• Best For Acne Treatment.

About Skin-Nutrition Rejuvenating Barrier

• Superior topical nutrition creates soft, moist, dewy skin
• Trehalose resurrects skin damaged by heat, cold, dehydration
• Natural Lutein protects against artificial light damage
• Use day or night – perfect for women and men
• Dermatologist recommended – safe for all skin types

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Advanced Repair Satin Serum

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Eye Effects 3 Advanced Syrum

About Advanced Repair Satin Serum

• Relaxes inflamed skin with red seaweed and green tea extracts
• Infuses Vitamin A to protect against environmental aging
• Texturizes rough, damaged skin with Vitamin D
• Creates 12-hour moisture reservoir to fortify skin barrier
• Dermatologist recommended. Non-comedogenic

About Eye Effects 3 Advanced Serum

3-in-1 Product Benefits:

•Diminishes and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
•Decreases puffiness and under-eye bags
•Reduces the appearance of dark circles

Added Benefits:

•Restores hydration and delivers anti-aging nourishment
•Improves skin structure
•Refreshes and lifts with beautiful results

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Body Silk

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About Body Silk

• Powerful Acai Fruit Oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega-9 that deeply hydrate skin and hair
• Argan Oil from the Argan tree kernels found in Morocco provide extreme conditioning properties great for hair, nails, and skin
• Vitamins A, D3, and E deliver anti-oxidants and deep moisturizing benefits
• Aloe and chamomile help facilitate natural exfoliation and help clean clogged pores improving your skin’s tone and appearance

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